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"Bien entendue que j'écoute D-ONE, ils ont que de la bon musique."

Françoise, France

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"Ik luister naar D-ONE omdat ze verdomd goede muziek draaien."

Jo, Belgium

"Ακούω γιατί παιζει και γαμώ τη μουσική,"

Maria, Greece

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Michiel De Naegel
Michiel De Naegel     © photo: Lies Gaethofs

No musicians where harmed
during the production of our stationcalls.

Big thanks to Michiel De Naegel from 30.000 Monkies.
Check them out at bandcamp or facebook

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How to listen mobile

You need an app to listen to radio D-ONE on your mobile device, because the player on a webpage like this one, will stop playing as soon as your device is in stand-by.
Download the D-ONE app for Android, for Apple, or for BlackBerry.
If you're using Windows Phone, you can listen to D-ONE using the app: search for D-ONE and press play. Or use one of the Media Players listed below.

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Your favourite Media Player

If you have one of these Media Players installed on your device (mobile or not)
you can simple listen to D-ONE by clicking on the according link below.
VLC MediaPlayer - iTunes - Windows Media Player - Winamp - Open format

On PC: choose open with and select your player by clicking 'other' if it's not the default player that shows up.


If you have trouble getting D1 on Sonos, maybe this guideline may help